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ICC-Georgia calls for the immediate stop of all strikes in the country

Monday, October 29
For the past two weeks Georgia is witnessing a series of strikes within several corporate sectors and in different regions. ICC-Georgia supports the legitimate rights of workers but condemns in the strongest terms the negative impact that these illegitimate and politically motivated strikes are having on businesses and on the image of the country.

The new Parliamentary majority has made it clear that one of their priorities will be to review the Labor Code; therefore the ongoing strikes are only undermining the credibility of the newly confirmed government and its ability to preserve social stability.

ICC-Georgia calls on the Trade Unions to immediately stop their disruptive actions and invites them to meet with businesses within the frame of the tripartite commission that was established under the aegis of the International Labor Organization in order to tackle all open issues regarding the relation between employers and employees.

These disruptive movements that we are witnessing only contribute to radicalize the social partners and will have a negative effect on the international image of Georgia at large.

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