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Monday, October 29
Patriarch Ilia II hopes the old and the new governments will support each other in Georgia

The Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II, said during his Sunday sermon, that he hopes the old and the new governments will support each other in Georgia, where the change of power has recently occurred. The Patriarch expressed his hope that there would be no revenge and enmity, but instead the old and the new governments will be instead brothers.

Georgia`s Justice Minister requests the dismissal of Chief Prosecutor

Georgia`s Justice Minister, Tea Tsulukiani, addressed the president yesterday with the request to dismiss the Chief Prosecutor Murtaz Zodelava. The justice minister proposed the candidate of Archil Kbilashvili instead. As reported, the new justice minister intended to personally inform Murtaz Zodelava that he has been dismissed. However, the meeting between them could not be held as Mr. Zodelava is out of the country now and the date of his arrival is uncertain.

During Zodelava`s absence, Tea Tsulukiani met with deputy chief prosecutors to take over the management of the ministry.
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Moscow waiting for specific steps of Georgia`s new government

The official representative of the Russia`s Foreign Ministry, Aleksandre Lukashevich has commented on the recent statements made by the Georgian Prime, Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili, regarding the normalization of relations with Russia. Lukashevich commented on the issue at the summarizing briefing held at MFA yesterday. When questioned by journalists the MIR TV Company about Georgia-Russia relations, Lukashevich said that Moscow was attentively observing the statements made by the new authorities of Georgia, but the reaction will be made only after specific steps and decisions are made. "Minister Lavrov and all other representatives of the ministry have been stating during the past few days that the statements remain just words. We are going to determine our orientation only based on practical steps. We see and remember the signals of the new government of Georgia, but we think that the real and sincere intentions of the new government can be assessed only after witnessing practical and specific acts," Lukashevich said.
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Prime Minister thinks the protests of IDPs are organized

Bidzina Ivanishvili has commented on numerous facts of intrusion of IDPs into various buildings. The Prime Minister thinks the protests, which take place simultaneously at different places, are well-organized and the former government might be tied with this process.

"I suspect, but I cannot assert yet, that the previous government gave promises to these people and now they are fulfilling them, or something like this is happening, which complicates the situation seriously. I think these protests are organized and the previous government is intensively involved in this," Bidzina Ivanishvili said.

Groups of IDPs have stormed several buildings in Georgia after the parliamentary elections, demanding the legalization of rooms in those buildings.
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Head of patrol police department resigns

Head of the Patrol Police Department of the interior ministry of Georgia has resigned. As reported, Goga Grigalashvili was dismissed on his own decision. Mr. Grigalashvili had been heading the patrol police since its creation, later he was put in charge of the patrol police department.
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Former director of Georgian Railways holds summarizing briefing

Former director general of the Georgian Railways (GR), Irakli Ezugbaia, who resigned last week, held a summarizing briefing and answered questions. Irakli Ezugabaia commented on the series of strikes organized by the employees of GR and assessed them as non-constructive. He said the growth of salaries was a permanent process in the company and the salary funds were increased with 104 million GEL in 2012. He said the growth of salaries was carried out gradually. "We should respect the legitimate rights of the staff of Georgian Railways to voice their demands and organize strikes, but it is desirable that this process was constructive, with correct estimations and focused on product," Ezugbaia said.
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Garbage collection tariff reduced with 50%

The Tbilisi Sakrebulo (City Assembly) has taken a decision about reducing the garbage collection tariff by 50%, though this tariff will remain attached to electricity consumption. If so far, the subscribers had to pay 0.5 GEL for per kilowatt of electricity power consumed and were disconnected from electricity network in case they did not pay the garbage collection tax, now they will pay half of the previous tax. This model of payment of the two taxes will be in force for only five months - from November to March, i.e. when the consumption of electricity is particularly high.

Tbilisi government and the city assembly say they still work on a new model of communal taxes.
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