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Waste collection services fee halved, is that helpful for you families?

Monday, October 29
“I have heard about this decision and I am glad to hear that. However, I think this is not enough to save my income monthly. I had a hope that the fee for garbage and electricity would have been separated as before, but it seems this issue is not under the discussion.”
Mariam, teacher, 28

“Did they really reduce the price? I did not know. It was really a shocking fact to pay such a high communal fee. Tbilisi City hall budget got millions of money from our pockets and they should return our money. I have never seen anywhere to have such high communal fees like we do in Georgia. We are a developed country with a poor nation, with the highest rate of unemployment, how should we pay?”
Lela, housewife, 51

“It is really good to have collection services fee halved, but what about attached electricity and garbage bills, when are they going to be separated?”
Vika, Student, 21

“It is helpful but I think cost on electricity, gas and transportation should be decreased significantly. Everybody knows in Georgia that the previous government increased the priced artificially and they got benefit from our money. This must be stopped and I suggest to the new leadership to fulfil their promise and give us an opportunity to live in just environment.”
Guram, driver, 43

“My family absolutely welcomes the decision, but we still hope that garbage and electricity bills will be separated soon.”
Kate, 45, Accountant