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Compiled by Tato Gachechiladze
Tuesday, October 30
Should joint meetings be public?

The newspaper Mteli Kvira asked the public representatives the question: should the united meetings of the majority and minority be open for the public or not?

Nika Chitadze (political analyst): Of course, the meetings should be public. So the public has an opportunity to obtain more information and know more about the government's plans and ideas. They may hold some sessions behind closed doors, but, overall, the meetings should be public, otherwise the media will not be able to cover it.

Ia Antadze (media expert): It must be confirmed, specifically about what the meeting is taking place. In the factions the discussions should be closed. But when the majority meets the Prime Minister or the other MPs, it must be open

Rezo Chkheidze (director): "I am surprised that Ivanishvili liked this idea. People should know everything that is going on in the country. This would be interesting to listen to the sessions; otherwise in most cases people get the wrong information from other sources. So why should the session process be closed? This remains unclear for me.

Yellow marshrutka busses plan to go on strike

Tbilisis marshrutka mini-busses have asked for decreased daily payments. Otherwise, they are threatening to go on strike. Marshrutka bus drivers said their address to the leadership of Tbilisi Marshrutka Busses Company was not satisfied. The drivers daily pay from 20 - up to 40 GEL.