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Do you think president’s palace should lose its function due to high expenditures?

Wednesday, November 7
“Well, to tell the truth, I am not aware of the ongoing political issues in the country. It has been voiced that too much money has been spent on the palace and for the reduction of funds the palace might lose its function. It is necessary the president should leave the palace and move where he is suggested.”
Levan, Student, 22

“Of course it should not be abolished. I do not think that this decision is true and will bring some kind of benefit to the country.”
Nino, Journalist, 26

“It will be better if the president stops functioning.”
Giorgi, IT specialist, 27

“No, I do not agree this position. Every country should have its presidential palace working properly.”
Revaz, Manager, 22

“Well, every state should have a presidential palace and I like the one we have, but if the expenditures maintaining it are very high I think the president should consider moving out and living in a bit more of a modest environment. Georgia is a developing country; we cannot afford luxury lifestyle for the president and his administration”
Nino, housewife, 31,

“The palace is very beautiful and I think it should maintain its function. Maybe it requires high expenditures, but still we need to have a presidential palace.”
Zurab,Taxi driver, 49.

“I think later it should be changed into a museum or something, but at this stage there is no need of spending money on its communal expenses because president Saakashvili should think of moving somewhere else in a modest apartment.”
Salome, Writer, 27

“I did not like the idea of building a new house for a president. The money spent on its infrastructure should be enough for supporting socially vulnerable families or the Chiatura minors. It would be a benefit from President Saakashvili’s government.”
Nikoloz, Driver, 42