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How do you think, is the Georgian Dream keeping its election promises?

Wednesday, December 5
“I do not think that the coalition is keeping its promises, on the contrary, its leaders are ignoring and neglecting what they have promised to electorate.”
Lile, PR Manager, 24

“I think the ruling party needs time to fulfil its promises. It is always easy to gather promises in one election program rather than fulfil each of them together. Only a month has gone since the Georgian Dream won parliamentary elections on October 1, 2012 and I think everything will be fine if they sit down and discuss the challenges wisely.”
Niko, Writer, 36

“I don't know, I have no TV and from a social point of view I can't feel huge changes, step by step everything will progress or regress, time will show.”
Iako, MA Student, 22

“Well, I think that the coalition is facing more problems that it thought it might have during the pre-election period. There are lots of problems inside the country and solving such problems requires much time– at least 2-3 years. There are some hints that the promises might come true however, currently it is impossible to solve them at once. I hope that Georgians will be more patient and the coalition will choose the right direction for fulfilling the promises.”
Gvantsa, Teacher, 25

“In my mind, the coalition Georgian Dream does not or cannot fulfill those promises which have been given to society by them during the pre-election period.”
Irakli, Editor, 28

“Currently Georgian Dream is not fulfilling its promises. Let’s observe the situation. After some period the situation will become more obvious. “
Ani, Language Specialist, 24

“Well, hard to say, as it’s been only a few months they are in power. Hopefully, they will keep their promises, at least part of them.“
Dato, IT support, 25

“They have already disappointed me. A majority of the citizens were looking forward to decreasing communal fees and now GD says it is impossible. They should have been very careful with their election promises”
Nana, Housewife, 52.