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Do you believe the detention of Nika Gvaramia is a form of political pressure on Rustavi 2?

Friday, December 21
“I do not believe that Nika Gvaramia was detained on political grounds… I think that there was another reason.”
Natia, Facilitator, 33

“I think that he should have been detained earlier.”
Zaza, Security Specialist, 37

“I think that the detention of Gvaramia is a form of pressure on Rustavi 2.”
Nino, Language Specialist, 24

“If there is real proof that he committed some kind of crime he should be punished for this.”
Tato, Translator, 22

“I think it is just part of the UNM’s PR stunt to connect Gvaramia’s detention with Rustavi 2 to create mess and fuss in society.”
Salome, Housewife, 36

“Gvaramia has been the General Director of Rustavi 2 for a couple of months; before that he was a state official. As far as I know he was detained illegal activities he committed then, not for his current position.”
Mirza, Ecologyst, 26

“I don’t think so, he occupied many other important posts in the Georgian government in the past, so it is not surprising that investigators need to ask him questions. Furthermore he is not so important in the media to think that actions taken against him will seriously impact freedom of the media.”
Nika, 32, IT support