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TBC Bank awards over 400 winners

By Messenger staff
Friday, December 11
The winners of TBC Bank’s Festival of Cards were announced on January 9. Nana Iamanidze won 10, 000 GEL, while Irakli Kvirikashvili received a two-person travelling voucher. Nine people won other prizes including an iPhone 5, an iPad mini and and an Xbox from Apple, while the other 384 received iPod shuffles.

TBC Bank’s festival of cards continues. By paying money from TBC’s plastic card anyone has an opportunity to become winners.

Owners of any type of Visa and Mastercard at TBC Bank accumulate tickets by paying at shopping centers or covering other services with a minimum 60 GEL-transaction at least three times before February1st.

The upcoming lottery will be held on February 9th. The more you use the TBC Bank card, the more chances you have to win amazing prizes.