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Compiled by Ana Robakidze
Friday, January 11
Who frightens investors more? The president or the prime minister?

“Experts say that the latest statement made by the president that the country’s development has been suspended is groundless. They think that similar statements made by the President are not serious and harms the international image of the country and frightens investors,” the newspaper Rezonansi reads.

Expert in economy, Emzar Jgerenaia, says that Mikheil Saakashvili has not fulfilled his duties. He thinks that investors are confused, as the statement made by the President is not based on actual facts and in most cases cannot be confirmed. Jgerenaia says Saakashvili tries to create an impression that everything is going wrong in the country. United National Movement (UNM) Koba Khabazi thinks in a different way, and blames the current government in damaging the country’s image. “Their (new government) aim is to prevent investment in Georgia, so they can control everything themselves” Khabazi said.

“We need to have a mobile, well equipped, efficient and professional army”

According to the statement made by Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Alasnaia, Georgian military forces will move completely to a contract-based system from the year 2016. Compulsory military service will be permanently abolished.

Liberali spoke with Irakli Sesiashvili, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Defense and Security Committee about this issue. “We need to have a mobile, well equipped, efficient, professional army,” he said.

He mentioned that he agrees with Alasania on the majority of aspects and said that the committee has its own positions. However, it will cooperate with the ministry. “The ministry has its own position, also several issues must be discussed by the parliament” Sesiashvili said.