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What do you think of juries when deciding the legal decisions of high-profile cases?

Friday, January 11
“Well, I have no negative assessment concerning the issue. It will not be negative if this structure is introduced in Georgia. As for how well it might work depends on the quality of the institute and how it is introduced in Georgia.”
Natia, Student, 20

“I think that jury cases will work better than the current court system.”
Keti, Teacher, 24

“As a future lawyer I am categorically against jury trials in Georgia for several reasons: 1. there is no special center where the juries will be trained. 2. Individuals who are members of the jury have no training in law and they are framed with the knowledge which might be heard in a short period of time. 3. It is possible that they will be easily influenced during the trial by one of the sides.”
Irakli, Student of law, 20

“I think that court of juries will help to establish equity and justice in our unfair country. I hope that in this case there will not be any kind of interference and the decision will be taken fairly.”
Nino, biologist, 37

"A jury trial is considered to be a very democratic institution, but its efficiency can be a bit suspicious in the countries of young democracies like Georgia is. I would rather see an absolutely independent court in the country" "
Saba, Lawyer, 25

"The USA has been using jury trials efficiently, so why can’t we try to establish it. The court does not enjoy a high level of trust within society, so maybe the system will help to establish law supremacy. "
Nini, student, 20