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Monday, January 21
Zviad Dzidziguri: We do not need constitutional fluctuations

In an interview with Akhali Taoba, Georgian Dream member Zviad Dzidziguri said all of Georgia can see that President Mikheil Saakashvili has become “the past” of Georgia “with his statements, insults and misbalanced phrases.”

“The Georgian people have deprived Saakashvili of his power and he cannot realize that it is impossible to return to the past,” Dzidziguri said.

Dzidziguri said “this is a kind of a stage” which Georgia has not previously passed. He said Saakashvili now tries to somehow restore and rehabilitate the remaining of his government. Dzidziguri thinks that Saakashvili may cause destabilization in the country and a “constitutional fluctuation” which can harm the country and people.

Dzidziguri finds that Saakashvili’s every speech is “anti-statehood” and aggravates Georgia’s conditions on the internal and foreign levels. He said the Georgian Dream wants to ensure stability in the country thus oriented the state budget mainly on social projects including healthcare and education, while Saakashvili’s government used to spend billions on entertainment and political PR.

Facts of wasting budgetary recourse

Georgian Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure said the former government had been “wasting money” in a catastrophic way. According to Deputy Minister Shota Murghulia, the Ministry has provided the investigative bodies and the prosecutor’s office with over 50 projects and agreements according to which the construction or other materials were bought on “unrealistic” prices.

Murghulia told Rezonansi that the Ministry continues studying these cases; however, the most significant from all that material were the projects launched in Kakheti. He said the money spent on outside lighting at one particular place would be enough for buying a car. Murghulia said the new government has studied the prices of all the tenders and accused the former administration of wasting the money because he said in most cases they used to buy necessary things for much higher prices.