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How would you assess the president’s actions after the parliamentary elections? How positive or negative are they for the country’s interests?

Monday, January 21
“The President’s actions have been illogical and unfair during the pre-election period. Even after the elections his image has become more opened as more unjust activities have been revealed… As for the people, I can say that a great part of Georgians lost free thinking and turned into a crowd…there are people who still think that Misha is better, there are some others who consider that the newcomers are better. They, in general have to choose between two extremes.”
Otar, Student, 19

“I think that the president has not changed and his actions and rhetoric are as demagogic as before…I can not mention any positive changes in him.”
Levan, tourism sector representative, 21

“Well I don’t think that he had ever acted in countries interests and nothing has changed after the parliamentary elections. Just he started to appear on TV less often. ”
Nana, Housewife, 52

“It seems like he has become less active. Before the election he was everywhere, within the country or abroad and his every step was aired on TV. Now he appears seldom and I’ve not heard any useful ideas from him for a while. I think he had some in the past, but not now.”
Nino, Manager, 32

“Saakashvili used to be quiet after parliamentary elections but suddenly he started announcing initiatives and criticizing the new Georgian government. I agree with the people who have signed for Saakashvili’s resignation after expiration of his 5 years second term presidency on January 20. However, I accuse the Georgian Dream government and in particular PM Ivanishvili in giving Saakashvili grounds for criticism, as PM Ivanishvili often makes statements which are far from Georgia’s political interests.”
Ilia, Lawyer, 37

“I think Georgia does not have a president anymore because Saakashvili’s presidential term has expired. I just wonder what status he should carry till the scheduled presidential elections in October, 2013. I remember him making very critical statement against Russia in previous years while since the October elections he has moved to criticizing the Georgian Dream administration. I think all his statements are natural because he is thus trying to defend himself at his “virtual” position of a president which he and his team have prolonged illegally.”
Maka, Professor, 49