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What do you know about the current labor code? Do you have some remarks or demands concerning the issue?

Wednesday, January 23
“I do not have much information concerning the Georgian Labor code. However, it is obvious that the rights of employed people are less protected… various changes are needed in this regard. If I had such a right, I would make changes in the code regarding the terms of contracts and would lengthen them to 3 years.
Ani, Teacher, 23

“The labor code requires changes. The code does not ensure the protection of human rights, the rights of employed population.”
Ketevan, Language Specialist, 24

“The current labor code is horrible and I feel it frequently at my work. It is necessary to carry out some serious amendments and urgently”.
Nino, manager 34

“It feels like the code is written for employers only and employees’ interests are simply disregarded. I don’t think that our labor code corresponds to any international standards”
Giorgi accountant, 28

“I do not know much about the current labor code, but I think neither does my employer. I work from 10 am till 10 pm and it is the whole twelve hours. It is crazy because in normal countries, people work no more than 8 hours a day. I wish our government would consider it and make relevant changes to the labor code.”
Natia, Shop Accountant, 26

“As a lawyer I often worried about the violations of the labor code at different organizations and I do really appreciate the new government’s initiative to make changes to the existing code and adjust it to employees.”
Davit, Lawyer, 38