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Who should decide the form of government issue: the public or some competent individuals? What information do you have on the different forms of government?

Friday, January 25
“I am quite informed about the different types of government and think that the parliamentary model is the best for Georgia. The issue should be made through referendum; I believe that people are never mistaken in such issues. I think that such a model will strengthen our statehood. However, there are some steps to be made until the decision.”
Temur, Engineer, 28

“Well, I think that the issue should be solved by the public as Georgians' views are the most important in this regard. Those competent people should listen to people otherwise they will be overthrown by the public… it is essential as well that people should be informed concerning the different types of government. However, information should be informative and not propagandist.”
Lasha, Musician, 30

“I think that the public should take the final decision, but some competent individuals should also take an active part in it. To be honest I cannot precisely explain the different types of government. I just know that if there is a parliamentary form of government then parliament is in power, etc. I really have no idea.”
Levan,student, 19

“The country must be ruled by a president but parliament should be an essential part of the decision making process. I don't know which form of government is the ideal one, but to reach a decision I think that both the public and experts should be included.”
Tiko, teacher, 23

“I think that the people should decide what kind of government they want to live under. To tell the truth I'm only averagely informed about this issue. I don't have much information concerning different forms of government.”
Natia, Student, 20