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Do you think the UNM still has a chance to return to power?

Monday, February 4
I do not think it is realistic.
Lile, Reporter, 25

I do not think UNM will find it easy to return to the government, but I am afraid the number of Georgian Dream supporters will have dramatically decreased by the Presidential elections scheduled in October, 2013.
Akaki, Market Analyst, 22

"You never know what the UNM is capable of doing; they are not supported much but think they can still win the elections in future"
Saba, Lawyer, 25

At this stage I think that they do not have any power and chance, it depends what steps they will take. Currently, the important issue is who will be the president candidate from their party, but anyway I think that they do not have power.
Tiko, translator, 24

I doubt they have any chance for a resurgence. I think that society is fed up with their lies and fabricated activities."
Eka, dancer, 21

I do not think that the National Movement will gain back power. They have committed so many mistakes and brought the public to such unbearable position that Georgians will not vote for them anymore.
Mani, Editor, 28

I believe that the United National Movement still has a chance to return to power, as the current Georgian leadership fails to fulfill those promises that were given by them in during the election campaign period and in general, the coalition does not accordingly meet its duties.
Nino, Language Specialist, 24

Well I think that they will not be back. Lets watch the situation. I am not very aware in politics and it is not easy to comment on such issues.
Alika, Director, 40