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Georgian delegation heads to Moscow

By Messenger Staff
Monday, February 4
The Georgian delegation that will discuss the return of Georgian wine and other products to the Russian market has left for Moscow. Levan Davitashvili, Chairman of the National Wine Agency, commented at the airport on Sunday morning before departure that during the working meeting, the sides will discuss the ways of how to return Georgian products to the Russian market.

“We will have a small presentation about the quality control mechanism in Georgia, afterwards we will discuss the opinions and remarks with the Russian side and schedule the next steps,” Davitashvili said, adding that this process will supposedly follow the visit of a Russian delegation to Georgia.

Discussions with Russian representatives will not only concern wine, but mineral waters and later fruits and vegetables as well.

Tinatin Kezeli, the Executive Director of the Georgian Wine Association hoped the meeting would result in positive developments. Tengiz Kalandadze, the Deputy Head of National Agency of Provisions, said the delegation is ready to talk with Russia’s Chief Sanitary Doctor, Genady Onishenko, about the functions of the Agricultural and Healthcare Ministries in controlling the safety of the products, introduce Georgian legislation and standards of safety.

The Georgian delegation will begin the official three-day meetings at Rospotrebnadzor starting today.