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8 years since Zurab Zhvania’s death

By Messenger Staff
Monday, February 4
Family members and friends of the late Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania gathered at the cemetery on Sunday. On February 3, eight years ago, Zhvania died under vague circumstances. His brother Gogla Zhvania said yesterday that the case will soon be uncovered. He said the family is actively cooperating with the investigation but he cannot reveal the details yet.

“There is a great interest towards Zurab’s case,” Gogla Zhvania said, confident that all the answers to the questions around his brother’s death will have been received by the same time next year. He kept on claiming that the former PM was killed. “Those people were in Mikeil Saakashvili’s government,” he said, adding that the investigation will reveal the names.

Zurab Zhvania’s friend and former United National movement (UNM) member, Khatuna Khoperia, said there is no need to hurry. “Both family and friends trusts the current prosecutor’s office and I am sure this case will be opened by all means,” she commented.

In his official Facebook page Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili said the loss of Zhvania was a great blow to Georgian society. In a statement released on the anniversary of Zhvania’s death, Ivanishvili said the late PM was a very wise and well-developed politician who had played an important role in the formation of the Georgian parliament into democratic institution.

“The Georgian population has been waiting for the answers over the tragic and mysterious death of the PM and we are obliged to answer,” reads Ivanishvili’s statement.

According to the official information, Zhvania’s death was an accident, as he died of gas inhalation. However, the family thinks differently. The case of Zhvania’s death remains under investigation.