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Georgian wines sell better

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 22
In 2006 Russia imposed an embargo on Georgian wine, thus cutting off the main export market for Georgian wine producers. Since then Georgian wine-makers have managed to diversify their target markets and have gradually established the brand of Georgian wines worldwide. In 2005 Georgia exported 41 million liters of wine. In 2006 exports fell to 15 million liters and 9 million liters in 2007. However in 2012 Georgia exported more than 20 million liters.

Wine experts say since the Russian wine embargo began the quality of Georgian wines has dramatically improved and have now become a luxury item. If in 2005 the average price of a liter of Georgian wine was $1.30 by 2012 the price had increased almost threefold. Thus although the export volume has decreased since the embargo their price has increased.