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Friday, February 22
Mikheil Saakashvili addresses Parliament via Facebook

Liberali reports that President Saakahsvili has addressed Parliament with an open letter via his official Facebook page on Thursday.

“First of all I confirm my deep respect towards the Parliament elected by the people and address you – the representatives of the legislative body to follow the state constitution.” the letter reads.

Saakashvili said on the one hand, he has the right to address public from the Parliamentary Building, while on the other hand Parliament is obliged to listen to the President.

The letter further reads that the Parliament has to set a date for hearing the President in the near future. “Thus I ask you to follow paragraph 5 of constitutional article 73 and appoint the date for hearing the President’s annual speech.” the letter reads.

Hoping that the Georgian Parliament will protect the “main law” of the country, Saakashvili said the people and MPs will have an opportunity to listen to the President discussing the most important issues for Georgia. Liberali reports that the letter ends with the President’s respects.

Government starts financing PhD's

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Davit Zurabishvili said on February 21st that the government plans to start issuing grants for Ph.Ds. According to Netgazeti, Zurabishvili said a chance to finance doctoral studies has appeared from an unspecified source. Zurabishvili did not specify what criteria will be used in offering grants to doctoral students but reiterated the government will provide money for qualified candidates.

Zurabishvili also commented on the changes to laws on higher education, including free studies for bachelors' and masters' degrees. He said exams for masters' degrees will change. Georgian Dream MP Eliso Chapidze said it will be possible to ensure free education in more departments than before.