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What do you think about the UNM statement concerning the proposed large-scale rally on April 19th? Will you participate in it?

Friday, February 22
“Well, I haven't heard much about it yet… to be honest I'm more likely to watch it on TV rather than attend."
Nino, Student, 19

“I am not going to attend such a rally. The reason is very simple: I am not going to take part in an event organized by people who have been acting in an unjust way for years. I also think that their decision to hold the rally is more related to their discontent about their failure in the last elections rather than any justifiable grievance."
Tekla, Student, 17

“I am not going to attend any rally organized by the United National Movement.”
Ani, Teacher, 23

“Considering the UNM's latest approval rating I doubt the rally will be that big. I would rather refrain from attending any rallies; also I’m not a UNM supporter.”
Manana, housewife, 45

“Well, I’m not going to participate in the rally, but hopefully the UNM will gather enough people and won't have to use Photoshop to triple the number of participants in the photos.”
David, MA student, 23

“Maybe I will attend the rally, just to find out what it's about."
Nick, IT support, 29