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Syrian-Armenian physician becomes Armenian Health Ministry board member

Wednesday, March 6
Syrian-Armenian physicians are being included in Armenia’s health sector.

There are numerous doctors, pharmacologists, and nurses among the Armenians from Syria who have moved to Armenia as a result of the ongoing developments in Syria. And, just like each month, Armenian Health Minister Derenik Dumanyan received the Syrian-Armenian physicians.

The minster listened to his guests and became acquainted with their problems. Some matters requiring an urgent solution were resolved on the spot.

The activities are continuing toward finding jobs for the Syrian-Armenian medical workers. Seventy such workers, who are seeking jobs in Armenia, were registered in the Health Ministry, and 35 of them have already found employment.

In addition, the Syrian Armenians are included in the management sector of Armenia’s healthcare system.

With Derenik Dumanyan’s proposal, Syrian-Armenian physician, Dr. George Parseghian, who is a member of the Council for the Coordination of the Key Issues of Syrian Armenians, is included in the Armenian Health Ministry Board.

Another Syrian-Armenian medical specialist, on the other hand, has started working at the central unit of the Health Ministry Staff. (News.Am)