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What do you think about the concerts of Georgian National song and dance companies in Russia?

Wednesday, March 6
“In case if Georgian folk dance and music companies held such concerts in Russia after August war in 2008 the action will not be acceptable and will be disrespectful to those killed Georgian soldiers. However, currently the situation is different and relations between the countries should improve. It is even nice that Georgian folk companies decided to go to Russia. That will make a positive influence on the two countries relations.”
Nana, Medical Student, 21

I don't see any problem if Georgian art companies perform in Russia. Our unique culture needs to be introduced all over the world, including Russia.”
Tako, Translator, 24

“Art and people have nothing to do with politics...that is why I think it is just a fact which is neither bad nor good.”
Dato, Translator, 24

“I have a neutral position over this issue because I think a difference should be made in culture and politics, but at some level they cross each other as well.”
Tatia, News Presenter, 29

“The example of the Erisioni Song and Dance Company, they have included Abkhazian dance in their repertoire by which I think they wanted to stress that Abkhazia is part of Georgia. However, I still think they should have left for Russia for holding concerts but not in Kremlin.”
Mari, MA Student, 23

“I do not see any problems; on the contrary, a lot of Georgians live in Russia and Russian people also respect Georgian traditions and culture so these concerts will be a great present for them.”
Merab, PR Specialist, 25