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Situation in Georgian economy

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, March 7
After the meeting with PM Ivanishvili, President Saakashvili announced that Georgia’s economy has problems and there are signs of political crisis in Georgia. Analysts think that after the elections, when the power had changed in the country, economic activities moved into the stand-by position. During the United National Movement's (UNM) rule, economic processes in Georgia very often took on a very controversial character.

The former leadership used poor practices of monopolizing business, supporting their favorite companies in obtaining beneficial contracts, promoted these companies, encouraged nepotism in business, suppressed small and medium sized businesses and as a result, after the change of the administration, economic activities in the country slowed down. In addition, the new administration got involved in multiple cases of businessmen demanding the establishment of justice, asking for their properties back, which were taken away from them through illegal manipulations carried out by state officials.

Much time, energy and efforts are spent to restore justice. As a result, economic activities have slightly faded. The current administration is still involved in political intrigue, which was created by the former leadership. All this creates an unfavorable situation in the economy. However, PM Ivanishvili is optimistically promising successful efforts to overcome the difficult situation in the country and move it forward to progress and prosperity.