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Thursday, March 7
Violations at Lilo garbage dump

The investigation results of the Ministry of Environment Protection revealed violations in the process of constructing the Lilo garbage dump. Liberali reports that a lot of preliminarily defined conditions were neglected during the construction. The case against the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office was sent to Tbilisi Civil Court for further consideration.

Liberali reminds that around a month earlier, locals of Didi Lilo settlement had blocked the entrance to the dump and demanded that it be closed. However, the mayor’s office agreed to let the inspectors of the ministry enter to the site.

Local families had been claiming that the garbage dump was planned improperly, as the water drained through the special tubes gathered at a water pool created a terrible smell and poisoned people.

Criteria for resettling IDPs is introduced

First deputy Minister of IDPs Gogi Patsatsia introduced the criteria for IDPs’ re-settlement based on which IDPs will receive apartments. Patsatsia explained that scores will define which IDP family is in greatest need of support. According to Liberali he said these scores will define whether the families will receive newly-built, rehabilitated apartments or other types of buildings. The deputy minister said that IDPs will have higher scores if they live in compact settlements which are in danger of demolition. The number of family members is also decisive.

According to Patsatsia, the document is a guarantee to the fair and transparent distribution of the apartments among the IDPs. “Everyone will know why someone received the apartment earlier and will have no sense of injustice,” Patsatsia said, adding that the document has been worked out by the Ministry of IDPs in cooperation with the Danish Refugee Council, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Norwegian Refugee Council and the Georgian Young Lawyers Association members.