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Wednesday, March 13
Khaburdzania talks about creation of Caucasian confederation

Rezonansi reports that the former Minister of Security, Valeri Khaburdzania, plans to establish a pro-Russian movement in Georgia. Khaburdzania said he will try to cooperate with pro-Russian politicians in Georgia, in particular, with Kakha Kukava, Zurab Noghaideli and Mindia Gulua. He did not exclude the possibility of consulting with Nino Burjanadze head of Democratic Movement.

The former state official says Georgia should head the Caucasian Confederation and take steps forward to restore Georgia’s territorial integrity. Khaburdzania who had visited Georgia for a couple of days said he will get engaged in political activities by May.

“I plan to consolidate pro-Russian political groups and be one of its active members. I will participate at self-government elections and if the situation dramatically changes, one of our team members may even take part in the presidential elections,” Khaburdzania told Rezonansi, adding that Georgia is a country where even the small change can have an important impact.

The former minister said he will not cooperate with the ruling Georgian Dream coalition because Bidzina Ivanishvili’s team has proved its pro-Western orientation.

Khaburdzania also stressed he disapproves joining CIS because he finds it “a dying political organization.” However, he thinks it would not be bad if another political organization is established in the region where Georgia will play the role of initiator and organizer.

Ministries of Penitentiary and Culture sign memorandum

Minister of Penitentiary and Legal Assistance Sozar Subari and Minister of Culture and Monument Protection, Guram Odisharia, have signed a memorandum for assisting the re-socialization of inmates and probationers.

“We will pay great attention to the re-socialization of the inmates. This is already the fourth memorandum signed by the Ministry of Penitentiary,” Subari said, adding that the ministry will continue supporting the process. He said it was a bad tendency when 25, 000 people were imprisoned and promised that the state will take care of the detainees.

While Odisharia said the Ministry of Culture will assist gifted inmates by organizing concerts and plays for them and encourage meetings with people of art. Cultural tours are also planned for juvenile probationers across the country.