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What do you think about suspension of authorization at Agrarian University?

Wednesday, March 13
“I just think that this kind of university is very important for this country.”
Nino, Journalist, 23

“I do not agree with this decision; I think it is unfair.”
Madona, Manager, 27

“It is unfair, other universities have much worse buildings and material-technical bases, but no one cares about this. There are a lot of details about this case, but in general it is really unfair.”
Iako, Painter, 24

“I think this case should be investigated by an independent commission and if the suspension was really based on political reasons, those who made the decision should be punished.”
Temur, Investigator, 34

“I do not think that the situation that is ongoing over Agrarian University is fair.”
Ninuki, Student, 21

“The new government always states that it is going to revive Georgian agriculture… I think that Kakha Bendukidze should be removed from the university. As far as I know, he was obliged to put 12 million GEL in the university and carry out various obligations. However, he failed to fulfill certain obligations he had with the Ministry of Education. Therefore, during the governance of the former government, he bought the university at a symbolic price.”
Alika, Engineer, 40

“We’ll I’m not aware of the details, but Bendukidze is a very smart person and I don’t think he would make any errors, causing his university to lose its accreditation.”
Mary, housewife, 31