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British experts on Armenian and Azerbaijan armies

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 18
The London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies published its annual report – Military Balance 2013. The report provides information and analysis regarding the military defense potential of the world’s 160 countries and also contains information about Azerbaijan and Armenian military potential.

The military expenses of Azerbaijan and Armenian are derived from the entire potential of these countries. Armenia spends $400 million which is 4% of the country’s GDP; Azerbaijan meanwhile spends $1.77 billion, which is 2.5% of total GDP. The research also touches the analysis of the combat ability of the armies of those two countries. In this respect the Armenian army is leading. The Armenian army has a solid number of professional military units, which are very well trained. The most vulnerable part in the Armenian army is its air forces, but it is compensated by the support received from Russia, as it protects Armenia’s air space. Also, Armenian military forces are in need of modernization of weapons and new technology.

British experts critically assessed the condition of the Azerbaijan army. Despite the expenditures of the Azerbaijan side in obtaining modern weapons, there are many aspects which give ground to some doubts whether Azerbaijan will have much advantage in its Air forces in case of the resumption of military activities between the two countries.