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Poll results raise eyebrows

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 18
The International Republican Institute (IRI) will continue its polling activities as usual. In February, yet another poll was carried out, which showed that majority of Georgian society supports the political course of the Georgian Dream. Accordingly, the Georgian population supports the idea of joining NATO. It is interesting as well that the number of those who support dialogue with Russia has increased recently.

It is significant that the rating of former administration has gone down dramatically and the population supports the idea of punishing high-ranking officials of the previous administration.

People also voted for carrying out reforms within the economic sphere.

During the pre-election period, IRI conducted research and the results showed then that the United National Movement was leading the ratings. However, as some analysts suggest, the results of the elections showed that IRI was wrong and the polling they conducted was either not representative of the reality or some misunderstanding had taken place. These particular polling results show the support of the population for the current administration. Now some analysts ask how trustful the IRI polling results could be. If we consider the fact of the last years polling results from the same institution.

If the current results are genuine then it could be said that if Saakashvili tries to dismiss the current government and parliament and appoint new snap elections the population will still support the Georgian Dream.

During the observations made by other sources it was clear that the Georgian Dream enjoys overwhelming support in within Georgian society.