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Monday, March 18
Georgia's foreign policy discussed in US

During his visit to the US, Georgian Parliamentary Chairman David Usupashvili spoke at the Carnegie Center. Usupashvili began his speech with the foreign policy priorities of Georgia and introduced the resolution adopted by the Georgian Parliament which once again recorded the European and Euro-Atlantic course of the country.

"We may not join any union, either military or political, which includes a country that has occupied our territories. This will of our people is reflected in our victory in the election and confidence expressed in the new government. However, the initiative of our government is to find ways, even narrow ones, for the settlement of relations with Russia. I am talking about trade, cultural and sports relations," Usupashvili said.

Usupashvili also analyzed the political situation in the country and challenges facing the economy of Georgia, particularly the high rates of unemployment and poverty. Speaking about the priorities of the new government, he said that these are the development of agriculture, availability of healthcare, protection of workers' rights, improvement of the electoral law and the decentralization and reform of self-government.

Usupashvili noted that progress towards democracy in Georgia is obvious. The majority is no longer a one-party system as previously. The Georgian Dream coalition consists of six completely different parties.

However, the opposition is very strong and politically motivated even in parliament which is the best guarantee of the government's good work, the speaker of the Georgian parliament said.

Georgia cuts import of petroleum products

In January-February 2013, Georgia reduced its import of petroleum products. According to the Union of Petroleum Products Importers, Georgia's imports of gasoline and diesel amounted to 89.1 million tons in the first two months of 2013, which is 20.3 thousand tons less than the same period in 2012, and 18 thousand tons more than in the same period of 2011.

In January-February, Georgia imported 47.1 thousand tons of gasoline and 42,000 tons of diesel fuel.

"Imports of Regular gasoline constituted 72 percent of total gasoline imports, premium gasoline - 22.5 percent and super gasoline - 5.5 percent. As for diesel fuel, imports of L-62 fuel were at 54 percent of total imports and Euro-diesel at 46 percent. Although fuel imports in 2013 decreased in comparison with the previous year, its index still remains at a high level," the Union of Petroleum Products Importers reported.

The Union of Petroleum Products Importers expects an increase in fuel imports following the start of agricultural operations in the coming months.

"The most active period in fuel consumption starts in the spring, which in turn is linked to agricultural activities, the intensification of construction and implementation of infrastructure projects. Accordingly, we expect the increase in fuel imports in the coming months," the Union of Petroleum Products Importers of Georgia said.

Work on Restoring authorization for the Agrarian University to start on Monday

Work on restoring Agrarian Universityís accreditation will re-start on Monday. The National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement released a statement according to which the center received correspondence from the Agrarian University of Georgia on March 15. Following the statement, the center is ready to start the procedures for the effective development of the processes.

Irakli Gharibashvili visits France

Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili, met with the Interpol Secretary General in Lyon during his official visit to France. The sides signed an agreement on Recognition of Interpol Travel Documents (passport and ID documents) after the meeting. Holders of the Interpol travel document will be given a special visa status and granted with either visa-free status, urgent or special visas.
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The video footage released by Pirtskhalava is not genuine

The video footage, which was released by former police officer Irakli Pirtskhalava regarding the case of Buta Robakidze is fake. The Chief prosecutorís office has released a statement with regard to this issue. The statement of the prosecutorís office is based on the conclusion of the examination, which was conducted by the expert at the Criminal Department.

"The footage begins, continues and ends illogically, in addition, there were short gaps which clearly indicate that the footage is not genuine,Ē the conclusion says.

According to the prosecutorís office, they will publish the conclusions of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Germanyís Federal Criminal Office as soon as the prosecutorís office receives it.
(Front News)

Imedi TV has new general director

Dan Bates has been appointed as director general of the Imedi TV Company. According to Imedi, Dan Bates has been working in the business of television for 30 years. Bates occupied senior positions in the U.S., Serbian and Romanian television companies. He was the chief manager in several TV Companies which he owned or was affiliated with including media networks like CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC.

The administration of Imedi will introduce Dan Bates to the employees today, at the event for the 10th anniversary of Imedi.
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