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Should the Georgian government take international recommendations or remarks into consideration? Why?

Monday, March 18
“I think every country should care about its own business and avoid interfering into others’ affairs. Moreover, I think the Georgian government has strongly affirmed their European and Euro-Atlantic aspiration and there is no need for teaching them what to say and how to do things.”
Amiran, Philosopher, 31

“Everything depends on who is giving the recommendation and what is the aim of the people standing behind each piece of advice. In the case of the European Peoples Party, I think they are clearly carrying out a pro-United National Movement campaign and this is why the new Georgian government will and cannot take their advice into consideration. But in general, when a country wants to be a player on the international stage, it should consider the opinions and criticisms of other countries.”
Lasha, MA Student, 26

"Well, in case if the international recommendation or remark is profitable for us we should discuss it, or take it into consideration. However, the attitude should not be permanent and the country should not be depended on what the international community might think on it...thus, it depends on the importance of the issue."
Tato, Manager, 22

"We should take international recommendations into consideration, as they have better experience than we have currently."
Natia, Language Specialist, 25

"It depends on the issue. Some recommendations might be taken into consideration. However, European demands concerning cohabitation is unjust...they are still protecting the United National Movement... all the former government members who have committed crimes against the people should be punished..."
Avtandil, Economist, 28

"I do not know what to say... maybe foreign recommendations should be taken into consideration?”
Ninuki, Student, 21

"It depends on the recommendations. We should not be blindly doing everything Europe tells us to do. Every recommendation and every single step taken by the government accordingly, should be first considered properly. It is clear that we want to be a part of Europe, but Europe's far from perfect."
Saba, Lawyer 25