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Do you support the idea of promoting the languages of minorities in Georgia?

Tuesday, March 19
I do not think that encouragement of the languages of ethnic minorities living in certain parts of Georgia is necessary or important. I think that they have always lived well in Georgia without problems.
Shota, Student, 21

To tell you the truth this issue is not interesting for me at all.
Ernest, Student, 25

I do not support, without giving reasons.
Aluda, Engineer, 40

I dont have anything against the languages of minorities living in Georgia, they should be allowed to protect their language and identity, but I dont think any language shall be given the status of the official language in Georgia.
Kety, Student, 21

Do minorities in Georgia have any problems with speaking their language? Ive not heard of similar facts. In terms of promoting I think minorities should not be restricted from opening the private schools where they can teach their language and also may it is time for the minorities to finally learn to speak proper Georgian, it is always weird to see a representative of a minority, whos been born and raised in Georgia and cannot speak Georgian.
Ani, project manager, 25

I think it is absolutely fine to encourage other languages because Georgia is multi-ethnical country and we should respect ethnic minorities.
Nini, MA Student, 24

I think it is the state important issue which needs serious consideration. As I understand being the part of the European Council Georgia shares the responsibility of ratifying a document that encourages the languages of minorities. I find it strange that it is the UNM that finds the threat in the document. Why did not they think over the threat of the issue when being in the government for the nine years? I am sure the Parliamentary Chairman will find a reasonable solution to the issue and ensure that Georgia is facing no threat from separatists.
Salome, Translator, 31