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Have you ever visited the Schengen Area and how easy was it for you to obtain a Schengen visa?

Friday, March 29
"Several years ago I was in Italy and Latvia and actually it was easy to get a visa. It didn't take more than a week."
Irinka, Journalist, 26

"As I have crossed the borders only once it was pretty easy for me. I went to the embassy and in two days they gave me my visa."
Nino, Office Manager, 31

"I went to a seminar to Holland last year and it was very easy for me to get the visa for free because I am a journalist. I have heard that some embassies have their own procedures for conducting the interview.”
Elza, Reporter, 28

“I've been to several Schengen Area countries and it was quite easy to get the visa, since I've always travelled for business purposes. However a tourist visa is much harder to get, as far as I know.”
Temur, Journalist, 27

“I have never been to any Schengen Area countries. I have never been abroad and I have a great desire to visit foreign countries. I hope that it become easier to get a visa and travel abroad- it is really important.”
Giorgi, Student, 20

“The first time it was a little bit difficult, there were a lot of questions and background checks but the second and third time everything went easier and more comfortably.”
Ninia, MA Student, 24