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Registration for United National exams and first year students underway

By Keti Arjevanidze
Tuesday, April 2
Registration for United National exams started on April 1. The National Exams Center announced that the information directory will be available at and will guide students while making their choice. Registration will finish on April 20, 2013 electronically. On April 5 at 3 P.M, an introductory meeting is planned to be held in the examination center.

“Along with the obligatory subjects, students have to choose an additional elective subject, the language of the exam and the city,” Maia Miminoshvili, head of the United National Exams Center explained.

The decision about the university in which the students would like to attend, students were able to make from April 1, “but they will have quite enough time to make a final decision about a preferable university, even after knowing the results of the exams, they may change choice” added Miminoshvili.

The examination center head said that exams will be started from June 27. According to her, the first exam will be in Georgian language and literature.

Miminoshvili also explained that the National Exams will be held in 11 cities throughout Georgia, and the number of students (school leavers) will be known on April 20, when the registration is over.

The Ministry of Education and Science revealed the list of faculties and universities that the government finances. There are 7 universities on the list and around 15 faculties. Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Philology are predominant on the list. State funding covers only bachelor’s degree tuition.

The registration for master degree students will start on April 5. Now they will be given the test in accordance with the faculty of their choice.

The registration of first-year students also began April 1 on the website of the Education Ministry. The registration is divided into three stages. During the first stage the children may be registered at schools whose siblings study or parent teaches in that exact school. The second stage of the registration will start from May 1.

Lia Gigauri, Head of the Department for General Education Management and Development added that the registration will be carried out only electronically after the application submissions start.

Lasha Verulava, head of Management Information Center said that first year students on the first stage may be registered on