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Tuesday, April 2
Pay boxes introduce 4% taxes

Fast payment companies have introduced a 4% commission for filling your account with pay boxes. Interpressnews reports that Maia Dzirkvelishvili, head of the Public Relations Department of TBC Bank, said the service of their TBC pay was connected with particular expenses. She said the fee existed even before. However, mobile companies used to cover them to help develop the practice of using pay boxes.

According to Nova Technology, another company that practices using pay boxes said it was the decision of the mobile operators to establish the commission fee for subscribers. “The changes had happened without our interference. They refused to pay commission fees for their subscribers,” representative of Nova Technology explained.

From now on any subscriber filling the mobile balance at pay boxes will be charged a 4% commission fee. However, Bank of Georgia will not charge a fee while filling the balances.

Levan Kobiashvili leaves the national team

Daily sport newspaper Lelo reports that Georgian football player Levan Kobiashviliis is leaving the Georgian football team. The paper cites Kobiashvili’s statement expressing his gratitude to his supporters.

Kobiashvili thanked his trainers– in particular Rezo Dzodzuashvili, Alexander Chivadze and Davit Kipiani– “for playing an important role” in his football career. “Unfortunately, my dream to play in the European and the world championship remains unfulfilled,” he said, wishing success to the national team and stressing that they will now have one more real fan like him.

Kobiashvili said although Football Federation is managed by former footballers they do not know how to see the footballers off with dignity. “I am leaving the team as an active football player, but I will return in Georgian football,” reads Kobiashvili’s statement released in Facebook.