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If you were a university entrant which profession would you choose and why?

Tuesday, April 2
“I would choose economy and later become a business journalist.”
Mari, Journalist, 23

“I have BA in translation and now I am studying for my MA in journalism. If I were a university entrant choosing a future profession I would definitely choose journalism, because there is something very interesting in this profession that makes you feel both comfortable and stressful at the same time.”
Salome, MA Student, 24

“I would choose journalism and work in TV because if you enjoy meeting people and enjoy communicating with them, have a passion for writing and a hunger for news, journalism may well be the profession for you.”
Nino, Manager, 25

“I would choose agriculture or environmental protection because they are both becoming more and more important especially during the global warming.”
Gizo, Accountant, 34

“I would choose the same profession I did when I was a university entrant and become an archeologist, but unfortunately this field is not popular at Georgian universities and there are a couple of professional lecturers.”
Nikoloz, Archeologist, 29

“I would choose some faculty from the list of Natural sciences, because there is a big deficit of professionals in Georgia, and as the government has decided to promote this fields as financially, from the employment perspective as well I would stop my choose on this.”
Reziko, Student, 19

“I would choose the profession I’m honestly interested in. Georgian entrants usually try to choose the faculty which is more popular, like law faculty or economics, which is totally wrong. There is no chance to become a professional and succeed if you are not interested in what you do for living.”
Salome, service expert, 25

“I would choose the faculty of architecture, because I always wanted to be an architect. Regrettably, when I was a university entrant I went for a different profession I regret now.”
Nika, economis, 28

If I were an entrant I would choose the medical faculty. I like this profession and assisting other people who are ill…At first, I liked the journalist profession, but later I changed my decision and I am happy for this.
Nana, Student, 21