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Prosecutor's office investigates the case of Centre Point

By Keti Arjevanidze
Thursday, April 11
Georgian citizens wronged by the development company Centre Point Group, held a protest rally at the prosecutor's office on April 10, demanding an in-depth investigation.

Protesters say that due to Centre Point and Dexus representatives' fraud, 6, 200 families were affected, around 25, 000 people were left outside despite the fact that they have paid money and have signed the agreements.

"The investigation must make the concrete facts of the case public," one of the affected citizens, Besik Beridze said. Although he admitted that the investigator carried out hard work, “it was not oriented on results," he said. Beridze also added that Centre Point as well as Dexus “continues working out a defraud scheme.”

The Prosecutor's Office responded to the demonstrators. Advisor to the Prosecutor's Office Investigative Unit, Mzia Laliashvili, assured them that an investigation will be conducted in accordance with law and objectively. She also stressed that the citizens will be informed about the investigation details.

According to Laliashvili approximately after a week, Prosecutor's Office representatives will get in touch with the citizens affected and discuss the investigation processes mutually.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office around 20 facts of unreasonably using citizen’s money from one of the companies – Eurasian Investment Agency– were revealed during the revision. 24 people are being questioned, including the affected citizens.

The case was launched on October 22, 2012 in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, later it was transferred to the Prosecutor's Office. The statement also says that the revision of financial-economic documentation withdrawn from Dexus started on January 25, 2013.

Nata Topuria, Dexus’ PR Manager, told The Messenger that the case covers the issue of September 7, 2010, since then, Dexus went out from Center Point, as it was performing one of projects of the company. Although she admitted the investigation of the case is in their interests as well.

Topuria denied the allegations of protesters blaming of Dexus in fraud. "We are out from Center Point group, so I cannot receive citizens’ complaints," said she.

Toputia said that Center Point is responsible for all the allegations. She also added that Dexus continues working on the market and leads negotiations with several companies, but avoided to make it public, until certain agreements are achieved.