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What do you think about restrictions over cigarette and alcohol consumption?

Thursday, April 11
“I personally agree with restrictions.”
Nino, Reporter, 24

“I do not care, I will smoke less and maybe I will give up smoking.”
Giorgi, Journalist, 26

“I think it will be a good step because I often meet people who do not smoke and have to bear the smell of cigarettes at public places.”
Lile, PR Manager, 25

“I think cigarettes should be forbidden in public places including cafes and restaurants, there should be special places where smokers will be able to go. I am a non-smoker and I feel discomfort when I sit in a cafe with my little kid and the air is totally polluted with smoke.”
Eter, Scientist, 36

“I support if there will be some restrictions in this field in the law. I support this decision.”
Ninuki, Student, 21

“I hope that the government will make better control. Through the law smoking at public places is prohibited. However, there are lots of people who smoke there; drivers of public transport practically smoke all the time.”
Levan, Engineer, 26

“It's good. We will be forced to take care of ourselves.”
Nini, Translator, 25

“I am a non-smoker and I think that those who smoke a couple of boxes a day are doing double harm: one to their health, and second to – their budget. This is why I totally agree with the idea of restricting smoking and alcohol consumption.”
Salome, Writer, 32