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Monday, April 15
Georgian specialists to visit Ishkhani on April 17

Tabula reports that according to the Deputy Minister of Culture and Monument Protection, Marine Mizandari, a group of ten Georgian specialists will visit Ishkhani on April 17 to get involved in the working activities. “They will study the situation (at the site) and work out recommendations which the Turkish side will take into account. This agreement was verbally achieved on February 14 when the Prime Ministers of Georgia and Turkey met in Ankara. However, President Mikheil Saakashvili has suspended this agreement due to the possible changes planned over Rabati fortress,” Tabula cited Mizandari.

The Deputy Minister also said that Georgia has remained without any legal frames. “If Turkey would have expressed its goodwill we would have no legal grounds except from the PMs’ verbal agreement,” Mizandari said. According to Tabula, Director of the Georgian National Center of Manuscripts, Buba Kudava, constant monitoring is necessary before Georgian specialists would arrive to Turkey to keep the photo and video materials. “Otherwise, interesting scientific footage will be destroyed,” he said, suggesting the suspension of the working activities before April 17.

Majority and minority meet with dismissed public servants

Netgzeti reports that the parliamentary majority and minority met with the people dismissed from public service. NGOs and the Labour ombudsman also attended the meeting which aimed at sharing views and the plans on how to eradicate the dismissal of professional staff on political or groundless reasons.

Defender of labor rights, Mukhran Burchuladze, said everyone’s rights would be protected; everyone will receive legal assistance and recommendations. Eka Beselia from the parliamentary majority said that no facts about illegal dismissals will remain without a response.

Beselia said that dozens of complaints have been filed in the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee which the MPs have responded to and resent to the relevant Ministries. “I am waiting for the reaction and then we will naturally carry out parliamentary monitoring on how the particular cases have been dealt with,” she said.

MP from the parliamentary minority, Irma Nadirashvili, said people are still being dismissed. She said she is glad that Beselia is ready to protect people’s rights.