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What do you think about reinvestigating into the 2008 August War?

Monday, April 15
I think it is a good idea. People should know the truth. The main thing is if the new government can investigate it correctly.
Ninia, MA Student, 24

I believe that the war should not be re-investigated. The current political leaders' attitude that the Georgian side launched the war is disgusting.
Saba, Student, 19

"I believe that the investigation should be carried out...there were lots of victims and presumably the fact that there were so many killed is the blame of our government as well. The former government does not want the investigation as there were some staged cases where the Georgians were defeated. However, the former government got scores from the international community at the expense of Georgian blood. So, everything should be investigated in detail."
Alika, IT specialist, 40

"The war should be investigated. Lots of conscious crimes were committed... Saakashvili did not have the right to bomb the area during the whole night."
Goga, Engineer, 42

"I think its extra, probably the President and the government made lots of mistakes during the war, but I don't think they committed any war crimes."
Dato, IT support, 25

"I think it is a good idea, as many details from the war still remain unknown. Would be good if people are informed on every step the government took during the war, especially considering that many think the president made serious mistakes while combat was taking place in the Tskhinvali region."
Keta, hr, 29

"I thought all details of the war were obvious. There is no doubt that only Russians are responsible for the war. The reinvestigation is just a tool to try and slam the UNM. I think that President Saakashvili and the government did everything possible to stop Russia, otherwise the enemy would have reached Tbilisi."
Vano, lawyer, 24