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Japan's 'Gamarjoba' takes the stage in Georgia

Tuesday, April 23
On April 20-21, the red-mohawked Ketch, who had performed as a pantomime soloist and the yellow-mohawked HIRO-PON, said Gamarjoba to the Georgian public from several different stages of capital Tbilisi. Gamarjoba means hello in Georgian.

With the support of the Embassy of Japan to Georgia, the Tbilisi Centre of Cultural Events and JTI Caucasus, the Japanese pantomime duo showed their skills to the public at A. Griboedov Russian State Drama Theatre, the Royal District Theatre and Mtatsminda Park for free.

Ketch, who has performed as a pantomime soloist, and HIRO-PON made a fateful encounter to form the silent comedy duo in 1999. Their highly-acclaimed performance that extends beyond language and cultural barriers has led to the duo being invited to numerous festivals in various countries, which have amounted to more than 200 shows in 32 countries.

Domestically, the duo’s performance is extremely popular regardless of the age of the audience. In addition, they were chosen as one of “the 100 most respected Japanese people in the world” in the Japanese-edition of Newsweek magazine.

In 2010, they started on the Gamarjobat Project where their routine consists of just actions and no words.