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Does Georgia have a strong opposition?

Tuesday, April 23
“Currently I do not see the powerful opposition in the country, but I must say that because of its scales it seems that we have only one opposition– the UNM, but of course it does not mean that we have a powerful opposition.”
Dato, 20, student

“I think that people should be given the opportunity of choice, when there is a powerful opposition you more or less see the directions, so it is very necessary in the country to be a strong opposition.”
Eka, 24, translator

“I think that an opposition should exist in the country, it is important for the normal development of any state. However, I think that the strength of the opposition is not defined through the number of voters, healthy attitude and aims should be the main characteristic of a real opposition. I consider that the current political opposition is far from having healthy attitudes."
Levan, Engineer, 26

“In any democratic state, the opposition is vitally important for each government. The stronger the opposition is, the easier it is controlling the government from the public side. Georgia requires a powerful opposition as the government makes important decisions that are reflected on the population first of all. Georgia has a strong opposition, the United National Movement. It is very influential.”
Saba, Student, 18

“Having strong opposition is important, however, we do not have this opposition now, as the current opposition is just a unification of offended members of the National Movement. They will not become a healthy force in a short period of time.”
Alika, Engineer, 40

“I do not think the ruling party has a strong opposition nowadays. It is not important whether the opposition is strong or weak – it should be wise and constructive.”
Mari, Copy Editor, 24

"A strong opposition is necessary in every democratic country. The opposition is an essential source to balance power in the country. At this point, there is no powerful opposition in Georgia, the UNM has failed as a ruling party and they cannot be a strong opposition to the Georgian Dream, which enjoys great support at the moment."
Sophie, Procurement Manager, 30