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Wednesday, May 1
President of NBG may make ads stricter

Netgazeti reports that President of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), Giorgi Kadagidze, has met with the representatives of commercial banks on April 30 to talk about the rights of consumers behind closed doors. Kadagidze made the first public statement before the meeting started stressing that consumers’ rights should be maximally protected.

He said the Georgian banking sector continues to develop in a highly competitive environment. This is why the tendency of decreasing the interest rate has been evident in recent years. According to Kadagidze, it is unacceptable to have the sort of advertisement campaign that will lure consumers into making a mistake, provide incomplete information or cause unrealistic expectations.

The president of NBG believes that the legislation can become stern in this direction. He said that strict ethical standards should exist in this sector and should be equally followed by each and every commercial bank.

“I appeal to the consumers to read their contracts carefully before signing; while in the case of any claims, address the consumer rights protection department of NBG.”

Government claims against regional attorneys

Radio Tavisupleba reports that the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure appeals to the President’s attorneys to forget their own partial interests and start thinking about improving the living conditions of the population. Deputy Minister Shota Murghulia said during the last six months, that the majority of regional attorneys have been opposed to cooperation with the new ruling coalition and sometimes even try to sabotage it. However, the attorneys deny such allegations. Khatuna Ochiauri, the President’s representative in Mtskheta-Mtianeti, said that the Ministry does not express its willingness to cooperate with them.

Nino Lomjaria, Executive Director of the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy, thinks that the governors should be engaged in regional projects. This is why the regional governors should be actively engaged and informed as well as have the right to express their opinions and claims. “But if they do not engage, this is their political attitude towards these processes,” Lomjaria said.

Only the governors of Shida Kartli, Imereti and Guria have introduced projects to the Regional Development Foundation of the Ministry.