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What do you think about illegal surveillance or eavesdropping?

Wednesday, May 1
“I think that illegal eavesdropping worked for the former government and unfortunately still exists as there are the supporters of the former government in law-enforcement structures. The main aim of the action was to study public attitudes towards the UNM government and place pressure on those people who did not support the UNM government.
Giorgi, lawyer, 27

“I think that eavesdropping took place in Georgia and in several cases they were illegal. However, I think that the abolishment of eavesdropping will not be the right decision in the current situation– especially after the large-scale amnesty when many prisoners left penitentiary institutions. It will be better if the current government expresses his humanity in some other fields.
Nino, language Specialist, 24

“I think it is common practice in every country.”
Marekh, MA Student, 24

“I think it is normal when it concerns the people who need to be watched. However, it should not of course mean the right to eavesdrop on a bedroom of a husband and a wife.”
Nini, Office Manager, 29

“This problem is observed everywhere throughout the world. In general, the countries use this system for defensive measures, while in Georgia it has become the source of personal “welfare” as by carrying out surveillance on particular “targets” people try to gather compromising materials against their rivals to blackmail them in case of “necessity” caused by the threat to their current position or public status.
Nikoloz, Archaeologist, 31

“If such cases have ever existed in Georgia, they presumably aim at gathering information on particular people but the reasons what stands behind this interest can differ.”
Tamta, Lawyer, 23