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Inceburun-Gorgan rail project comes on stream

Tuesday, May 28
The Inceburun-Gorgan rail project was officially inaugurated on Monday, the IRIB News agency reported.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Ali Nikzad, attended the inauguration ceremony.

The 88-kilometers long rail project connects the north western Iranian city of Gorgan with Incheburun in Turkmenistan.

The railway has the capacity to annually transfer 10 million tons of goods and 4 million passengers.

By the inauguration of the project, a rail corridor connecting the Persian Gulf to Central Asia was created. Iran now has access to Russia, Commenwealth of Independant States, and China.

The project implementation also opened access for European and Asian countries to Central Asia and the Persian Gulf.

A similar opportunity has appeared for the transit of goods from countries in south and south-east Asia, and the shores of the Indian Ocean to the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe through Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Russia.