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Whose interests were damaged the most after May 17th events?

Tuesday, May 28
"I think that the interests of the church were damaged most. I am talking on the church that always stands with its people and helps them in misery. It was regrettable for me when fathers together with the angry crowd were trapped when they should have avoided the situation. Christ’s way gives different studying concerning the fight against obstacles and some have forgotten the way during the rally.”
Nino, Teacher, 25

“I consider that the state interests were damaged the most during the rally.”
Irakli, Editor-in-chief, 27

“I think that no one’s interest was damaged, if we do not speak on the church that was too much criticized due to the actions of several spirituals. Anti gay demonstrations are held in many countries, thus I do not think that the events will make some influence on the state advancement. I also think that the organizers of the rally knew the possible consequences of the rally and wanted to discredit interior minister.”
Levan, Student, 22

“I think the Georgian Church was mostly affected by the May 17th events. Clergy was not acting the best possible way on the demonstration. Therefore, the whole church was attacked by the anxious people.”
Irakli, insurance agent, 25

“May 17th had a bad impact for every side, LGBT people had to face violence and the clergy and their followers behaved not the way they were expected to. As a result, the interests of the whole society were damaged, this is very sad.”
Nana, housewife, 54

“Everyone’s interests were damaged of course. We should finally starts to respect the law and constitutional rights first of all. Everyone has a right to manifestation but it should be peaceful.”
Saba, 27, lawyer