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The Shin sends messages of peace through music

By Salome Modebadze
Tuesday, May 28
The Shin’s album Extraordinary Exhibition dedicated to famous Georgian composer Gia Kancheli, received great appreciation at Tbilisi State Concert Hall on May 26th.

By mixing Kancheli’s classic melodies with jazz and ethnic, The Shin emphasized the importance of the homeland by sending “messages of peace” on Independence Day.

Zaza Miminoshvili one of the founders of The Shin, said they thought a lot how to share their thoughts to the public. “At first this all was just a dream and the majority of dreams do come true. This is why I advise everyone to believe that their dreams will come true,” Miminoshvili said, promising that The Shin will return home soon.

Extraordinary Exhibition is the series of portraits which started with Kancheli but will continue with other musicians.

Although The Shin did not yet reveal who will be their second portrait of inspiration, the band will travel a lot with their new album and try to share the world of Gia Kancheli to the rest of the world.

Vienna and Istanbul together with the several cities of Germany will be the further destinations of The Shin.

President of Bravo Records Zaza Shengelia felt very emotional after the concert. Shengelia welcomed the fact that all the 11 songs from The Shin’s new album Extraordinary Exhibition were so well transferred to the stage with all its elements – music, choreography, costumes, etc.

All the songs from the new album were recorded at Bravo Records Studio over the last month and will be available at various bookstores and cafes throughout Tbilisi.

Conductor Vakhtang Kakhidze said the most important thing is how the public would estimate The Shin’s album. Recollecting how emotional people felt during the concert, Kakhidze said it is always interesting when the orchestra is combined with other alternatives.