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Do you believe that Georgia faces a terrorism threat?

Friday, June 14
"I think that Georgia faces internal problems rather than external. The saying 'the castle is destroyed from the inside' is very true …when a new government comes in, its representatives start thinking about their own welfare and the people are forgotten. Georgians do not care about their country and it is not surprising if an external force plans something bad against us."
Mzia, teacher, 51

"I don't think that Georgia currently faces a terrorism threat. I cannot say what the future holds. God save us from terrorism attacks."
Lasha, musician, 31

"Georgia, like any country in the world, is a possible target for terrorists. However, apart from that, some political forces in Georgia might try to use that threat for political reasons and that abuse should be severely punished."
Temo, journalist, 27

"I have never thought about terrorism in Georgia, but after the latest events in Afghanistan I have become worried about the security situation in our country."
Maka, tour agent, 34

"If we continue to participate in other people's wars as we do now, terrorism may become a threat to our country."
Nika, bartender, 24

"I am really scared by the so-called Taliban video even though some say it is not original. However, when you see what terrible things are happening all around the world you become like a rabbit that is afraid of everything. I just hope that nothing will ever threaten the territorial integrity and peace of our country and I want to wish all other countries the same. It is the 21st century, guys. Let us live in peace!"
Elene, Reporter, 27