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Do you think UN non-binding resolutions can make any positive impact on conflict settlement process in Georgia?

Monday, June 17
“I do not think UN or any other international body can have any positive impact on the conflict solution process in Georgia because both Abkhazia and South Ossetia tend to be pro-Russia, thus they have somehow chosen their “path.” I think it is only Georgia’s responsibility to try to influence these breakaway regions with its domestic policy.”
Nikoloz, Archaeologist, 31

“The UN is an organization that promotes pro-Western values. But I think any resolution adopted by the General Assembly on the rights of IDPs affected by the conflicts in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region in recent years, will remain as simple pieces of paper without any particular strength.”
Nino, Dentist, 29

“When the certain countries establish the rules of the game forcing others to obey their conditions, no real results can be achieved. I rather think when and if Georgia manages to reach a solution over its two breakaway regions, the rest of the civilized world will have to agree with its constitutional reality.”
Mikheil, Psychologist, 42

“At this stage, such resolutions are symbolic, but years later, when real steps will be made in the direction of the conflict solution, these documents will have significant importance.”
Shalva, Producer, 26

“It does not seem that General Assembly resolutions have any power, as resolutions are like recommendations. Russia refuses to obey international law regulations. Does anybody think it will follow UN recommendations? Don’t think so.”
Mia, choreographer, 27

“In our conflicts everything depends on the Russian side and Moscow does not really care about non-binding resolutions. However, we still have to continue pushing similar documents with the UN. The only thing we can do or try to do is to use international levers we have.”
Saba, lawyer, 25

“I sincerely hope the resolutions will help our people to return to their homes, but I’m becoming very skeptical, the conflicts have been going on for over 20 years now. But people still cannot return to their home. Probably the only positive thing about the UN resolutions is that international society still remembers that we have 2 conflict regions and still need help to solve the problem.”
Nia, LLM student, 25