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Friday, June 21
Protest rally at Radisson Hotel

Liberali reports that a group of citizens gathered in front of the Radisson Hotel on June 20th to protest the summary of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Civil Integration Committee over the events of May 17th. The protests have described the committee's findings as "discriminative". On May 17th a rally was organized to protest homophobia in Georgia. It was disrupted by a huge counterdemonstration and a number of people were injured and threatened with serious bodily harm.

The protesters said their rally was a protest against the cynical approach of the Committee Chairperson Eka Beselia. The protesters say Beselia has incorrectly characterized the purpose of the May 17th rally. They reject the characterization of the rally as "homosexuality propaganda".

Claiming that the word “propaganda” is not defined in the state constitution, the protesters held stencils indicating that they had really signed the petition demanding that those who instigated the violence on May 17th be punished to the full extent of the law.

The protesters said on Thursday that the Human Rights Committee doesn't believe the several thousand signatures on the petition are valid.

However, Deputy Committee Chairman Gedevan Popkhadze promised to meet the protesters at the Public Hall the next day.

Popkhadze stated that everyone who opposes the Committee report will be given the floor to freely express their concerns. “Our findings are not the final version.” Popkhadze stated.