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Do you think the MIA should show the recently unveiled video footage to the diplomatic corps, international organizations and the media? Why or why not?

Friday, June 21
"I think being a journalist is a great responsibility in many ways. Your main objective is to provide the public with the truth about what is really going on. I did not attend the screening because I am just a beginning journalist but I think it is necessary to reveal the truth, no matter how hard it is. However, it is another issue about how you will go about that. Even if I had seen the secret footage I would describe each shot in detail, but rather reveal the overall picture to the public. Those who recorded or ordered the recording of such material should by all means be responsible for their actions."
Nino, Journalist, 23

"Well, it is a very important issue. I think that the faces should be covered so that there is no way to identify the victims. I do not think it is important to release this footage to the public. I think that if the footage were to be released it would have a very negative impact on the public."
Gvantsa, Translator, 26

"I think that members of the international community should gather and watch this material. I am sure that after watching it they will not say even one supporting word towards the former government. Speculation from the international community side about whether members of the former administration are being imprisoned unfairly would also end."
Kakha, Lawyer, 34

"It's already late to ask that question, they already did it and that was quite wrong, especially in the media's case. The Georgian media is notable for its low ethical standards so there is no guarantee that the victims will remain anonymous. It was a political decision, unfortunately."
Temo, Journalist, 27

"First of all this case should be investigated and the violators should be punished. But I think the public should watch this footage to know what is going on around them. This will help society develop and be more critical towards the authorities in general."
Nikoloz, Archaeologist, 32